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Question Bank for Agricultural Competitions free pdf books

Question Bank for Agricultural Competitions book to gain knowledge ..also useful for JRF N.E.T C.E.T and PH.D,  you can buy from amazon direct or downlod pdf file 


book detail :Question Bank for Agricultural Competitions

Author: R.K SHARMA

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Question Bank for Agricultural Competitions free pdf books


 Question Bank for Agricultural Competitions


Question Bank for Agricultural Competitions

1. Current Agricultural Trends
2. Agronomy
3. Agrometeorology
4. Soil Science and Biochemistry
5. Genetics, Plant Breeding, Seed Science and Plant Biotechnology
6. Plant Physiology
7. Major Pest and Diseases of Important Crops
8. Horticulture
9. Agricultural Extension and Economics
10. Agricultural Statistics
11. Agroforestry
12. Environmental Science and Ecology
13. About ICAR and IARI

  •  Agricultural Research, Education and Extension (Deemed Universities, 
  • NationalInstitutes and Research Centres,
  •  National Bureaus, International Organizations and State Agricultural Universities)

     Question Bank for Agricultural Competitions free pdf books

  •  Useful Information
  •  Fathers of Agricultural Disciplines
  •  Botanical Name of Field and Horticultural Crops
  •  Famous Name of Crops
  •  Terms and Associated Crops
  •  Seed Rate and Nativity of Crops
  •  Varieties of Important Crops
  •  Mutant Varieties of Crops
  •  Important Weed Flora of Crops
  • Important Forest Trees.
  •  Important Medicinal and Aromatic Crops
  •  Fruit Types and Edible Parts of Crops
  •  Antitranspirents
  •  Important Meteorological Instruments and their Uses
  •  Classification of Soil Particles (Based on Size)
  •  Nutrient Contents of Common Fertilizers
  •  Chemical Properties of Saline, Sodic and Alkaline Soils
  •  Functions of Plant Growth Regulators
  •  Diseases or Symptoms Caused Due to Deficiency of Nutrients
  •  Revolutions in Agriculture
  •  Important Agricultural Days
  •  Production of Field Crops in India (2010-11)
  •  Area, Production and Productivity of Horticultural Crops in India
  • Per cent Growth Of Horticultural Crops
  •  Availability of Agricultural Products/Capita/Day
  •  Recent Research/Technologies in Agriculture
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