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1.  Farm management - Meaning – Definitions of Farm Management – Scope of Farm Management –     Relationship with other science

2. Economic principles applied to the organization of farm business – principles of variablE          proportions – Determination of optimum input and optimum output

3 Minimum loss principle ( cost Principle) – Principle of Factor substitution – principle of product      substitution 3 Law of Equi-marginal returns – Opportunity cost principle – Principle of Comparative advantage – Time comparison principle

4 Type of farming – Specialization, Diversification, Mixed farming,
Dry farming and Ranching – Systems of farming -co-operative farming, Capitalistic farming, collective farming, State farming and Peasant farming

6 Farm planning – Meaning – Need for farm planning – Types of Farm plans – simple farm plan and whole farm plan – characteristics of a good farm plan – basic steps in farm planning

7 Farm budgeting – meaning – types of farm budgets – Enterprise budgeting – Partial budgeting and whole farm budgeting. Linear programming – Meaning- Assumptions – Advantages and limitations 8 Distinction between risk and uncertainty – sources of risk and uncertainty – production and technical risks – Price or marketing risk – Financial risk – methods of reducing risk

 9 Agricultural Production Economics – Definitions – Nature – Scope and subject matter of Agricultural Production Economics – Objectives of Production Economics – Basic Production Problems

10 Law of Returns – Law of constant returns – law of increasing returns – law of decreasing returns.

11 Factor – product relationship – Law of Diminishing returns – Three stages of production function – Characteristics – Elasticity of Production

12 Factor – Factor relationship – Isoquants and their characteristics – MRTS – Types of factor substitution

13 Iso –cost lines – Characteristics – Methods of Determining Least-cost combination ofresources – Expansion path – Isoclines – Ridge lines

14 Product – product relationship – product possibility curves – Marginal rate of product substitution – Types of enterprise relationships – Joint products -Complementary - Supplementary – Competitive and Antagonistic products

15 Iso – revenue line and characteristics – Methods of determining optimum combination of products – Expansion path – Ridge lines 16 Resource productivity – Returns to scale

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