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Fundamentals of Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology pdf book

Book Detail: Fundamentals of Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology
Language: English
Pages: 58                                                
Author: Dr Anup Katoch
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  downlod free-- Fundamentals of  Rural Sociology andEducational Psychology

3. Importance of rural sociology in agricultural extension & interrelationship with agricultural extension
4. Indian rural society and its important characteristics
5. Differences and relationship between rural and urban societies
6. Social Groups - meaning and definition, classification of groups
7. Factors considered in formation and organisation of groups, motivation in group formation, role of social groups in agricultural extension
8. Meaning, definition & functions of social stratification
9. Basis for stratification, forms of stratification
10. Difference between class and caste system
11. Meaning and definition of cultural concepts (Culture, Customs, Folkways, Mores, Taboos, Rituals and Traditions)
12. Role of cultural concepts in agricultural extension
13. Meaning and definition of social values and attitudes
14. Types and role of social values and attitudes in agricultural extension
15. Meaning and definition of social institutions
16. Major institutions in rural society, functions and their role in agricultural extension
17. Meaning, definition and types of social organization
18. Role of social organizations in agricultural extension
19. Meaning, definition and need of social control
20. Means of social control
21. Meaning, definition and nature of social change
22. Dimensions & factors of social change
23. Psychology and educational psychology – meaning and definition
24. Scope and importance of educational psychology in agricultural extension
25. Intelligence – meaning , definition, types
26. Factors affecting intelligence and importance of intelligence in agricultural extension
27. Personality – meaning, definition and types
28. Factors influencing the personality and role of personality in agricultural extension
29. Extension teaching – meaning, definition and steps
30. Learning and learning experience - meaning and definition
31. Learning situation - meaning, definition, elements and characteristics
32. Principles of learning and their implication for extension teaching

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