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Green manures-agrifunda

Green manures

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Green manuring can be defined as a practice of ploughing or turning into the soil
undecomposed green plant tissues for improving physical structure as well as soil fertility.
manuring, wherever feasible, is the principal supplementary means of adding organic matter to
the soil. The green-manure crop supplies organic matter as well as additional nitrogen,
particularly if it is a legume crop, due to its ability to fix nitrogen from the air with the help of its
root nodule bacteria. The green-manure crops also exercise a protective action
against erosion and leaching.
 Green manure to be incorporated in soil before flowering stage
because they are grown for their green leafy material, which is high in nutrients and protects the
soil. Green manures will not break down in to the soil so quickly, but gradually, add some
nutrients to the soil for the next crop. The nutritional potentials and nutritional contents of some
important green manures are given in the Table 5 and 6 respectively.

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Usage of green leaf manure is advantageous both for crops and soil. The advantages

1. As they decompose rapidly, it is easy to retain the organic matter in the soil.
2. Green manures improve both physical and chemical properties of the soil.
3. They provide energy to microbes.
4. They provide nutrients to the standing crop and also to the next crop.
5. Addition of green manure crops to the soil, acts as much and prevent soil erosion.
6. Leaching of nutrients in light soils can be prevented by addition of green manure.

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