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name-Water Management in Horticultural Crops

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Importance of water, water resources in India. Area of different crops under
irrigation, function of water for plant growth, effect of moisture stress on crop
growth. Available and unavailable soil moisture – distribution of soil moisture –
water budgeting – rooting characteristics – moisture extraction pattern. Water
requirement of horticultural crops – lysimeter studies – Plant water potential
climatological approach – use of pan evaporimeter – factor for crop growth
stages – critical stages of crop growth for irrigation. Irrigation scheduling –
different approaches – methods of irrigation – surface and sub-surface
pressurized methods viz., sprinkler and drip irrigation, their suitability, merits
and limitations, fertigation, economic use of irrigation water. Water
management problem, soils quality of irrigation water, irrigation management
practices for different soils and crops. Layout of different irrigation systems,
drip, sprinkler. Layout of underground pipeline system.
Practical: Measurements of irrigation water by using water measuring
devices, use of common formula in irrigation practices, practicing of
land leveling and land shaping implements, layout for different methods
of irrigation. Estimation of soil moisture constants and soil moisture by
using different, methods and instruments, scheduling of irrigation,
different approaches, practicing use of instruments, estimation of
irrigation efficiency and water requirements of horticultural crops,
irrigation planning and scheduling, soil moisture conservation

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