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Farm Machinery and Power  free pdf book

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Farm power -

sources of different farm power, advantages and disadvantages.

2. Internal combustion engine
different components and their functions, working principle of four stroke and two stroke cycle engine, comparison between diesel and petrol engine, difference between four and two stroke engine.

3 Terminology related to engine power: IHP, BHP, FHP, DBHP,
compression ratio, stroke bore ratio, piston displacement, and
mechanical efficiency. Numerical problems on calculation of
IHP, BHP, C.R., stroke bore ratio, piston displacement volume.

4 Fuel supply and cooling system of I.C. engine – types,
components and their functions, working principle of forced
circulation cooling system.

5 Ignition and power transmission system of I.C engine – types,
components and their functions, working principle of battery
ignition system.

6 Lubrication system of I.C. engine – types, purpose, components
and their functions, working principle of forced feed system.
Tractors classification, types, points to be considered in
selection of tractors, estimating the cost of operation of tractor

7 Tillage - primary and secondary tillage. M.B. plough –
functions, constructional features, operational adjustments and

8 Disc plough – functions, constructional details, operational
adjustments and maintenance.

9 Numerical problems on M.B. plough and disc plough. 

10 Harrows – types, functions, operation of disc harrows.
Cultivators – rigid and spring loaded tynes. Puddlers, cage
wheel, rotovators. Intercultural implements – hoes and weeders
for dry and wetland cultivation.

11 Sowing equipment - seed cum fertilizer drills – types, functions,
types of metering mechanisms, functional components,
calibration. Paddy transplanters.

12 Harvesting equipment – sickles, self propelled reaper, alignment
and registration. Combines, functions of combines.

13 Plant protection equipment – types of sprayers, constructional
features of knapsack sprayer, hand compression sprayer, foot
sprayer, rocker sprayer and power sprayer, care and
maintenance of sprayers.

14 Dusters – hand rotary and power operated dusters, care and
maintenance of dusters.

15 Tractor mounted equipments for land development and soil
conservation – functions of bund former, ridger, and leveling

16 Farm mechanization – engineering intervention for production
and productivity, percentage share of different power sources,
level of mechanization of different operations (power sources).

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