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Farm Machinery and Power free pdf book-agrifunda

 book name-form machinary and power 

page- 111

price- free

language -english

                                                                   agrifunda  pdf book


content -

Farm power - sources of different farm power, advantages and

2 Internal combustion engine - different components and their
functions, working principle of four stroke and two stroke cycle
engine, comparison between diesel and petrol engine, difference
between four and two stroke engine.

3 Terminology related to engine power: IHP, BHP, FHP, DBHP,
compression ratio, stroke bore ratio, piston displacement, and
mechanical efficiency. Numerical problems on calculation of
IHP, BHP, C.R., stroke bore ratio, piston displacement volume.

4 Fuel supply and cooling system of I.C. engine – types,
components and their functions, working principle of forced
circulation cooling system.

5 Ignition and power transmission system of I.C engine – types,
components and their functions, working principle of battery
ignition system.

6 Lubrication system of I.C. engine – types, purpose, components
and their functions, working principle of forced feed system.
Tractors classification, types, points to be considered in
selection of tractors, estimating the cost of operation of tractor

7 Tillage - primary and secondary tillage. M.B. plough –
functions, constructional features, operational adjustments and

8 Disc plough – functions, constructional details, operational
adjustments and maintenance.

9 Numerical problems on M.B. plough and disc plough. 

10 Harrows – types, functions, operation of disc harrows.
Cultivators – rigid and spring loaded tynes. Puddlers, cage
wheel, rotovators. Intercultural implements – hoes and weeders
for dry and wetland cultivation.

11 Sowing equipment - seed cum fertilizer drills – types, functions,
types of metering mechanisms, functional components,
calibration. Paddy transplanters.

12 Harvesting equipment – sickles, self propelled reaper, alignment
and registration. Combines, functions of combines.

13 Plant protection equipment – types of sprayers, constructional
features of knapsack sprayer, hand compression sprayer, foot
sprayer, rocker sprayer and power sprayer, care and
maintenance of sprayers.

14 Dusters – hand rotary and power operated dusters, care and
maintenance of dusters.

15 Tractor mounted equipments for land development and soil
conservation – functions of bund former, ridger, and leveling

16 Farm mechanization – engineering intervention for production
and productivity, percentage share of different power sources,
level of mechanization of different operations (power sources).

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