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Chapter 1 Economics: Meaning, Definition, Subject Matter

Chapter 2 Divisions of Economics, Importance of Economics

Chapter 3 Agricultural Economics Meaning, Definition 

Chapter 4 Basic concepts (Demand, meaning, definition, kind of demand, demand schedule, demand curve, law of demand, Extension and contraction Vs increase and decrease in demand) 

Chapter 5 Consumption 

Chapter 6 Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility meaning, Definition, Assumption, Limitation, Importance

Chapter 7 Indifference curve approach: properties, Application, derivation of demand

Chapter 8 Consumer’s Surplus, Meaning, Definition, Importance

Chapter 9 Definition, Importance, Elasticity of demand, Types, degrees and method of measuring Elasticity, Importance of elasticity of demand

Chapter 10 National Income: Concepts, Measurement. Public finance: Meaning, Principle, Public revenue

Chapter 11 Public Revenue: meaning, Service tax, meaning, classification of taxes; Cannons of taxation

Chapter 12 Public Expenditure: Meaning Principles  

Chapter 13 Inflation, meaning definition, kind of inflation.

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